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WordPress Hosting. Made Simple.

What is self-hosted WordPress?

The self-hosted version of WordPress is free. You are simply paying for where your WordPress site is hosted. You do not have any limitations on installing or uploading plugins or themes. 

You Decide

You are in charge of your design, customization, design code changes, you can install any plugin or theme.

Extend your Site

You can upload any premium theme or plugin you have purchased from any marketplace.

Quick Support

Our support team is always available to help you with any questions, give you tips on WordPress,and support you along the way.

No Ads

When you are self-hosted your site does not have any advertising that you don't add yourself.

Need more details?

We get it some people are all about details and fine lines. Our hosting is truly simple. You sign up, we install WordPress or migrate over an existing site and then send you your login details. You don’t have any control panels to access or configure. 

Here are some helpful links to get you started. 


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